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Long Shadows


Early Winter is approaching The air announces late Autumn In mid-afternoon shadows tend To grow long on the ground Leaves swirl in the wind But most yet cling to branch I feel it growing in me yet Still a long way before frost Coming cold hard ground and Grass withering dormant The clouds huddled in […]

Constraints Are never things I used to think about Now they haunt me more and more I suppose as a baby I cried and cried to get out of my crib Somebody come change this dirty diaper now Feed me But since then Even though I had many constraints Most psychological I never thought much […]

The River


Long ago I found myself swimming in a great river and I was swept up in the currents so I  just bobbed about at first Then I found I could move side to side and I swam with zeal. Sometimes I had to choose direction as the river branched and I began to swim with […]