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Scars are good. We should never try to erase our scars. When you are dead, the body does not heal. Scar tissue means you survived.



Wordless When you are far away and distant Words are all you have. Sometimes we don’t know what we have to lose Because we never really had it. It’s just this: Somehow instant communication Magnifies the loneliness. I am a horrible poet But I keep trying… Are these fragments really poems? What is art? I […]

Long Shadows


Early Winter is approaching The air announces late Autumn In mid-afternoon shadows tend To grow long on the ground Leaves swirl in the wind But most yet cling to branch I feel it growing in me yet Still a long way before frost Coming cold hard ground and Grass withering dormant The clouds huddled in […]

Constraints Are never things I used to think about Now they haunt me more and more I suppose as a baby I cried and cried to get out of my crib Somebody come change this dirty diaper now Feed me But since then Even though I had many constraints Most psychological I never thought much […]



I need to wean myself off that It’s difficult Disappointment Comes round like a train winding the bend Steady, constant Loud but silent Then the whistle blows And I realize Disappointed Family, spouse, siblings, parents, children Dead and living Friends Are they? Life But I had found a crutch It might not be helping I […]

The Fall


Freedom Locomotion and a coat’s warmth in the cold Short sunshine Grinning, glib cruel, guilt Karma begs attention look over shoulder feet betray body as Tribology batters Flailing against Force of attraction Bone snaps in two tissues tear Dead still, frozen Faces of sympathy parade by as the brass sucks up Intense pain means life […]



My heart is dark Sometimes it feels like I am just waiting until death I have no purpose save my own interest Waiting to be served, waiting, and still unhappy When I focus on others and their needs I don’t think these things The darkness isn’t noticed I am too busy working and helping to […]